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Battery Tester 12V Language


This compact microprocessor-based Battery Tester 12V Language (BT12L) uses the latest testing technology for testing all 12V Automotive and Motorcycle batteries. Tests can be conducted without having to fully charging the battery and is safe which does not create any sparks or drain them while testing with it. The test operation steps are simple. It only takes less than 8 seconds to produce the final test results.


       ·    Monochrome LCD (8 characters x 2 rows texts) display

       ·   Instruction: Language – English and customizable to customer dialect based on the translation provided

        ·   Test operations: Fast and precise which takes less than 8 seconds to produce final test results.

        ·   Temperature compensated test results

        ·   Consistent test results with repeated tests

        ·   No internal batteries required – input power relies on the battery being tested.


Analyses the battery state on

       ·       The current Voltage (State of Charge)

       ·       Its condition: Good, OK- Recharge, Replace, Re-charge & Test or Bad Cell

       ·       Its health state: In percentage (%) Life


       ·       Operating voltage 9 15V DC (max)

       ·       Analysing Capacity – Car / Van: 100A2000A, Motorcycle: 40 600A

       ·    Battery Rating (Standard): SAE, CCA, EN1, EN2, DIN, IEC, JIS, CA/MCA, UNKNOWN

 ·    Battery Types: WET (Flooded), AGM, EFB and GEL Cell