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Battery Analyser 12V Graphic


The Battery Analyser 12V Graphic (BA12G) is a 12V battery system analyser which comes the following test functions namely: Battery Test, Starter (Cranking) Test and Alternator (Standard or Smart) Charging Tests.

It has a monochrome LCD display screen. Operation instructions are mostly in simple graphic forms (icons) which are universally understood by users even without extensive knowledge.


This solves language barrier and is marketable worldwide.  


            ·       Microprocessors-controlled testing method – draws little amp without draining the battery.

            ·       Fast and accurate battery test results in less than 8 seconds (during analysis).

            ·       No internal batteries – less maintenance upkeep and convenient for stock delivery.



Customer to decide on the followings:

            ·       Housing- shape, appearance or based on their corporate design 

            ·       Keypad- touch sensor, metallic dome and silicon rubber keypads, based on their corporate image, colour, logo, overlay etc.

            ·       Accessories- CD/USB key, printed handbook/ quick guide, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) reference charts

            ·       Colour box- branded colour box or neutral brown box


            ·       Monochrome LCD display

            ·       Wake-up screen logo- show battery customer’s logo when switch on

            ·       Able to retrieve and view the last test results

            ·       Stored test results will be updated with Repeat or Continue Tests (e.g. Starter and Alternator tests)

            ·       PC Link - transfer of test results to PC with installed software and USB Cable which allows printout.




            ·       12V Battery Test - analyses the battery conditions (State of Charge, Good, Replace, OK- Recharge, Charge & Retest, measured CCA, Internal Resistance, Battery Life %)    

            ·       12V Starter Test - analyses the cranking effectiveness of battery to predict battery crank failure (Normal/High)

            ·       12V Alternator (Standard or Smart) Test - analyses alternator charging functionality

            Ø  Without Load @25003000 RP

            Ø  With Load @15002000 RPM

            Ø  Diode Ripple Test



·       Operating voltage - 915V DC (max)

·       Analysing Capacity - Car: 100A - 2000A, Motorcycle: 40A - 600A

·       Application: Car & Motorcycle

·       Battery chemistry: WET (Flooded), AGM, EFB & GEL Cell

·       Rating/Standard: WET, SAE, CCA, EN1, EN2, DIN, IEC, JIS, UNKNOWN