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Battery System Analyser LiFeP04 24V graphic


The Battery System Analyzer LiFeP04 24V graphic (BSAL24g) is a professional hand-held Battery and electrical system (Starter, Alternator and Grounding) tester with black & white graphics instructions, intended for aftermarket equipment distributors.


         ·   Fully graphics instruction- first in the world to utilize symbols no language, this solves language barrier, easy to understand without extensive knowledge

         ·   Microprocessors-controlled testing method – draws little amp without draining it during the Battery tests.

         ·   Tests 12V / 24V Starters, Standard (Normal) and Smart Alternators

         ·   Starter (Cranking) and Alternator test results are displayed with graphical wave forms.

         ·   Tests Alternator Diode Ripples to assess its functionality.

         ·   Ground test – To check the engine to chassis ground is our very own invention, we are the only one in the world to have this feature.

         ·   No internal battery- convenient for transport


        ·   Customer to decide on the following:

        ·   Housing- shape, appearance or based on their corporate design 

        ·   Keypad- touch sensor, metallic dome and silicon rubber keypads, based on their corporate image, colour, logo, overlay etc.

        ·   Printer – without or with printer (built in, detachable, Bluetooth)

        ·   Cable- mounting, orientation, length (standard: 1.75 /3meter)

        ·   Accessories- CD/USB key, printed handbook/ quick guide, CCA table chart

        ·   Packaging - Branded colour box or neutral brown box

Test result option

        ·   Comes with Detachable printer (optional)


        ·  Black & White LCD - 160 x 160 pixels display.

        ·   Wake-up screen logo- show customer’s logo when switch on.

        ·  Workshop Detail - allows key in workshop information, contact details etc.

        ·    Key-in Particulars - key-in customer name, battery Part Number or vehicle model as reference of the test

        ·   Bar code scanner - scan barcodes on battery for validation purposes


        ·    Voltage display – display battery voltage (battery State of Charge) once clamps to battery terminals

        ·   12V Battery Test - analyses the battery condition (State of Charge, Good, Need Recharge, measured CCA, Internal Resistance, Battery Life%)

        ·   12V/24V Starter Test - analyses the cranking effectiveness of battery to predict battery cranking failure

        ·   12V/24V Alternator Test - analyses alternator charging voltages on

Ø  Normal/Smart Alternator

Ø  Without Load @2500 3000 RPM

Ø  With Load @ 1500 2000 RPM

Ø  Diode Ripple Test within 0.5V

        ·    12V Grounding Test - analyses the condition of vehicles electrical return circuit contact resistance connected from battery to engine chassis (Note: Engine ground plays a very important role in ECU communication.)


        ·  Operating voltage - 9V36V DC (Max)

        ·  Analysing Capacity - Car: 100A2000A, Motorcycle: 40A600A

        ·    Application: Car & Motorcycle 

        ·    Battery chemistry: WET (Flooded), AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL

        ·    Rating/Standard: SAE, CCA, EN1, EN2, DIN, IEC, JIS, UNKNOWN