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Ignition System Tester


This device is created with a variety of functions that are very helpful for testing all ECU controlled, electronic controlled, or conventional distributor type ignition coils. It comes with a set of extension cables with terminals that fit most 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire Ignition Coils of various car brands.


The Ignition Coil Test is designed to perform the test outside the engine to detect faults in the ignition system and whether there are any misfires during ignition that can cause incomplete combustion in the cylinders leading to engine damping. Also, any High Voltage leakage (due to a hairline cracked on the coil housing) can be easily detected using its Spark Leak test probe.

Using this tool to detect a very subtle leak in the coil housing is now possible.


The Spark Plug Test is to determine whether the spark produced after cleaning the spark plug (with the spark gap has been reset) is a perfect spark or not and it should also produce a continuous and uninterrupted spark.


Also, it can be used to test Fuel Injectors to measure its injection volume or for cleaning it.

As well as simulate Sensors signals in Square Wave frequency.


·        Short Circuit protection

·        Reverse Polarity protection

·        Adjustable RPM range


·        Ignition Coil Test

·        Spark Plug Test

·        Fuel Injector Test

            ·              Square wave Frequency Simulation

            ·               Safety selector switch 3 position


·        Connection cables for different car brands

·        Spark Gap Adjustment Knob

·        Power LED Indicator

·        Power/RPM Knob


Spark Plug & Ignition Coil Tests demo

Injector Test demo