Joint Design Manufacturer of

Sensor Signal Emulator


This Sensor Signal Emulator (SSE) is specially designed for Automotive Technicians to troubleshoot electrical control systems problems in the car. It simulates the signals generated from different sensors in the vehicle and the ECU which enables technicians to pinpoint the actual faults in the electrical control system in cases of doubt over their judgment of replacing the sensors or the entirety of the connecting wires to the ECU.  


·        Short Circuit Protection (3.0 A PTC Fuse)

·        Wrong Polarity Protection

·        Warning Display on Wrong Polarity


·        Voltage Output Simulation

·        Resistance Simulation

·        Sinewave Frequency Simulation

·        Squarewave Frequency Simulation


·        LCD Display

·        Sensor Touch Keypad

·        Keypad Button Sound

·        Detachable Cable

·        Probe Tip